OvaBoard Floor Protection Roll 30 metres

  • Product Code: OB-30
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  • Description: OVABOARD - TEMPORARY FLOOR PROTECTION - PROTECTS FLOORS AND AVOID RE-WORK OVABOARD lays out flat and fast and has leading water shield technology that stops spills and dirt soaking through for a minimum of up to 60 hours. Made of 100% recycled paper products OVABOARD can be used over and over again until you decide to discard it or place it in the recycling bin. Allows natural curing - Vapour permeable so your floors won't sweat. One roll (965mm x 30m) covers an area of 29.45 square metres • Lays flat & fast • Use on timber, polished concrete, vinyl, carpet, stone etc • Reduce damage and risk on-site • Repels water, paint, dirt & more • Allows natural curing • Resists impact - tough enough to drive on • Re-usable