Craig McDonald Painting 06 July 2020

Craig McDonald Painting

“Incredible stuff.”

Craig McDonald’s career as a painter started straight out of school at age 16. He’s worked in the industry ever since and has owned his own Oamaru-based business for close to 12 years. “It’s all I’ve ever done,” Craig says.

“It’s nice not doing the same thing every day. I get to work outdoors, and to meet great people. I enjoy painting and get satisfaction from it. What probably means the most is helping people change their environments and even achieve their dreams.”

Although Craig says that he “tries to avoid getting paint on carpet”, he agreed to give Lift Off a go, after talking to Brett and Andrew at Almax. “When Brett first told me about it I thought ‘Yeah right…’. It sounded too good to be true. But actually it works really well.”

Craig initially tried the product out on old paint splatters on the carpet in the back of his van. “Now you’d never know they’d been there.” He also used Lift Off when he re-painted the Kakanui fire station. The station had previously been decorated by the volunteers and had old paint on lots of surfaces, including the aluminium window frames.

“As careful as you try to be…there’s going to be the odd little accident and it’s good to have Lift Off in the back of the van. It’s a safeguard, and easy to use. It’s incredible stuff.”