Lift Off® Graffiti & Spray Paint Remover 650ml

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  • Description: Motsenbocker's Lift Off ® Spray Paint & Graffiti Remover is a patented, water-based, biodegradable formula Breaks the Molecular Bond™ between paint and surface. This enables effective removal of spray and aerosol paint from vehicles, buildings, walls, street signs, and most surfaces. • Lift Off® Spray Paint & Graffiti Remover does not melt or dissolve paint; it enables it to be removed intact safely and cleanly • When used as directed there is no surface damage • A low VOC, water-based, biodegradable and safe product for the environment • It is recommended to always test on an inconspicuous area first • Not recommended for use on latex painted walls, non-colourfast materials or woodwork • Packed in a 650ml trigger spray bottle.
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