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Eco-Clean Mobile Paint Waste Water Treatment Station

  • Product Code: UDC-500
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  • Description: Eco-Clean Mobile Paint Waste Water Treatment Station 40 litre unit A mobile cleaning station with an electric pump that provides contractors with an economical and compliant on-site cleaning facility. • The cleaning water is recycled making this a self-contained cleaning unit • Mobile unit very portable for on-site cleaning • Suitable for use with water-based paint contamination only • Paint brushes, rollers, tools and equipment cleaned in wash tank • ‘Flo-through’ style cleaning brush provides effective cleaning action • Uni-Coag powder is added to waste water and agitated with battery drill • Solids will separate out and be collected in a filter bag • Cleaned water returns to 40 litre wash tank • Dimensions: 860W x 660D x 1120mmH • Weight: 35kgs • 230V AC