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CQ Uni-Coag Paint Separation Powder 40gm pot

  • Product Code: UCF-40
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  • Description: Uni-Coag Paint Separation Powder 40gram pot Uni-Coag is a flocculating/coagulating powder for separating the solids from paint waste water. Works very quickly, can be used with all water-based paint waste water systems. Dosage for average use is approximately 40 grams per 30 litres of water. Instructions for use: • Sprinkle the appropriate dose UniCoag into the contaminated water. • Use a stirrer to mix the powder thoroughly. Recommended using a stirrer in a battery drill. • Mix until the agent can be seen activating and separation occurring. • Leave for approx. 15 – 30 minutes to allow complete activation. • The water should be seen as clear on top of the paint solids. • Pour off water through UCF filter material for re-use if required. • Dispose of sold material as non-hazardous dry waste.