Almax® Tiger Trim Angle Sash Brush 50mm long handle

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  • Description: Almax Tiger Trim Angle Sash Brush 50mm long handle • Tiger Trim brushes are specialized paint brushes designed for precise control when cutting in, painting skirting, and working with mouldings during painting projects. They feature a unique handle design that allows for enhanced grip and control, making it easier to achieve clean and sharp lines. • The brushes are crafted with wooden handles, which provide a comfortable and balanced feel during use. The handle design is tailored to assist painters in achieving accurate brushwork, especially in areas where precision is crucial. • The bristles are made from premium filament materials. These high-quality bristles ensure excellent paint application results, whether using water-based or oil-based paints. The bristles are specifically designed with an angle sash shape, further contributing to the level of control over the brush. • Tiger Trim brushes are a valuable tool for any painter who requires precision and control when working on detailed areas like skirting, mouldings, and cutting in. Their high-quality materials and design make them versatile and suitable for use with various paint types.
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