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Solvent Recycler 60 litre capacity

  • Product Code: IST-62-EEXD-DIGIT-ATEX-II2G
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  • Description: Piles of waste solvent drums around the premises, and paying dollars for having waste solvent away are problems that can be solved. One certainty is that waste solvent disposal costs are not going to get cheaper any time soon. Solvent recyclers provide the solution for any business using solvent to re-use the waste product. Waste disposal, recycling and re-use of resources are important considerations for any business as they impact directly on business expenses and carbon footprint. Operation is straightforward with minimal labour and supervision requirements. IST Solvent Recycler 62- EEXD Digit • 60 litre capacity • Up to 95% solvent recovered • Reduces solvent waste disposal problems • Reduces new solvent purchase costs • Fully automatic working cycle based on solvent vapour temperature, timed cycle or a combination of both • Manufactured to EExd explosion proof standard • Digital display panel with touch screen operation, diagnostics and alarm functions • Up to 9 set points can be programmed for different solvents • Stainless steel tank • Solvent recycler liner bags available for easy clean-up. Item Code: SDB-45-25 • Cycle time: 4 - 6 hours • Operating temperature: 50 - 190C • 400V three phase 4.5kw • Dimensions: H1200 x W650 x D950mm • Weight: 134kgs • Made in Italy