More than 30 years ago, we came across a family-owned, spray gun manufacturing company that knocked our socks off. (Bear in mind, we had people with a background in the industry and were fairly picky.)

Taiwan-made Star products were stand-outs back then and they’ve just kept getting better.

And, yes, they’re still family owned.

Perhaps that’s why, unusually, almost 100% of the products’ components are manufactured in one factory so, compliance, attention to detail, quality control and consistency are unmatched.

Star’s commitment is to top quality and mid-price. That’s earned them a place in panel shops, engineers, manufacturers, and furniture makers’ workshops around the world and around New Zealand.

And deservedly so.

They’ve great quality, excellent value for money, easy to use, have a long life and are pretty rugged. Though, rest assured for those who are a bit tough on their gear, or have extreme projects to do, parts and replacements are readily available.

There’re small nozzles for detail and small areas, and large nozzles for – well we don’t need to tell you how to do your job. Let’s just say, whatever it is, Star are more than up to it.