In 2018, Almax bought OVABOARD. That’s how impressed we were with the product.

Made from 100% recyclable material, OVABOARD was already the industry standard for New Zealand’s decorators, painters. It had a strong presence and businesses knew, liked and trusted it. That hasn’t changed.

It’d also been put it to the test and bounced back. Countless, hammers had been dropped and forklifts had driven over it. Not uncommonly, OVABOARD was being used to protect some fairly pricy flooring when it happened.

It’s a good thickness, and well manufactured so, it’ll stop paint, plaster, water and a whole lot else besides.

Makes sense, since it originally grew from a high-end flooring company’s frustration with what was out there. As a result of their experience OVABOARD is available in a convenient width. It’s quick to install and gives you a reliably lay-flat, non-slip, non-trip surface that’s pleasant and practical to work on, even in high foot traffic reno jobs. Because it’s vapour permeable floors won’t sweat and can cure naturally.

Locally and sustainably sourced, OVABOARD can also be re-used on many, if not most, jobs.