Almax goes way back. It started, around 1993, when we needed good, reliable, trade-standard products to complement spray equipment.

We didn’t quite go to the ends of the earth to find it. But almost.

Via contacts in Canada, we were put in touch with a European manufacturer, Cover Quick, who were making exactly what the industry needed. It was seriously well made, so we imported some and asked local distributors what they thought. They gave it a big “thumbs-up”. Obviously, this was going to be bigger than we thought!

Since then we’ve been true to our original intent and focus – trade quality.

Almax has the products you want, and need, at price points that make sense to you, and your accountant. We’ve built a devoted following of professionals who wouldn’t be without, for example, our Double Green Stripe mini rollers.

As well as Europe, we now source from around the world, bringing together a complete selection of paint trade products, buckets to masking tape, all informed by a passion for the business and understanding of what painters are looking for.