OVABOARD™ Heavy Duty Cardboard Floor Protection Roll

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  • Description: OVABOARD™ - heavy duty cardboard temporary floor protection - protects floors and avoid re-work. Flooring protection during construction or high traffic activities is essential. One roll (965mm x 30.48m) covers an area of 29.41 square metres. Thickness: 30mil (USA) 0.762mm (Metric) Weight per roll: 13.8kg OVABOARD™ lays out flat and fast with leading water shield technology that stops spills and dirt soaking through for up to 60 hours. Made of 100% recycled paper products OVABOARD™ can be used over and over again until it is discarded and placed in a recycling bin. Allows natural curing - vapour permeable so your floors won't sweat. FEATURES & BENEFITS - Lays flat and fast – comes in a convenient width for tradespeople - One thickness but the toughest protection on the market to protect any floor - Reduces risk onsite for accidents and mistakes - Safe, nonslip and durable working surface – no tripping hazards - Repels water, paint, dirt and more - 60 hour spill guard - Allows natural curing – vapour permeable so your floors won’t sweat - Resists impact and tough enough to drive on - Re-usable, recyclable and made from recycled material - An economical insurance policy when compared to the cost of re-works or running over schedule. - Interior use only, OVABOARD is not waterproof so cannot be used outside.
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