Summer's Hottest Products 31 October 2023

Summer's Hottest Products

Forget El Niño, ALMAX have this summer’s most scorchingly-hot products ready to stock your shelves. We guarantee they’ll go faster than an ice cream on a 40-degree afternoon. It’s a busy time; make sure your painters are ready.

Get kitted-out for summer with ALMAX.

ALMAX kits are the ‘board shorts’ of summer painting – they’re practical, and cover everything. These kits are an instant solution for busy painters, saving work time and increasing beach time! Plus, they do an outstanding job. (We know, we’ve tested them.)

What Steve’s got up his sleeve?

With Eurofibre, Exofibre and Durafibre Steve’s Sleeve roller sleeves are quality interior and exterior products that are getting painters’ attention. (And they like what they see!) Great paint pick-up, great delivery, and easy clean-up are fast making them favourites. And that’s not where it ends!